How Royal Bournemouth Hospital management put patient and staff safety in jeopardy: A frontline nurse explains

6 February 2021

Hospital management pretended that they could look after Covid and non-Covid patients along with other elective patients, without adequate staff and resources. This has failed miserably, with severe consequences.

Spain’s rich and powerful secretly monopolised COVID-19 vaccines

By Alejandro López and Alex Lantier, 23 January 2021

The ruling class orders workers and youth back to work and school, knowing thousands will get sick and die, knowing they can illegally obtain the vaccine for themselves.

Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness exposes stark global inequalities in COVID-19 reponse

By Benjamin Mateus, 22 January 2021

The second report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response is a thorough indictment of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporatization of Canada’s virtual health services part of broader privatization drive

By Penny Smith, 22 January 2021

Telecommunications giant Telus is exploiting desperate patients who lack timely access to healthcare services, the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising chronic illness to significantly expand its presence in the health care sector.

Chaotic vaccination rollout leaves New Yorkers vulnerable to COVID-19 surge

By Ali Elhassan, 22 January 2021

Governor Cuomo has committed himself to keeping businesses open despite the loss of life.

The science of the pandemic supports teachers’ concerns over the dangers of school reopening, Part two

By Benjamin Mateus, 21 January 2021

Science validates teachers’ concerns that in-person education during the pandemic is a dangerous proposition. This article reviews some of the more recent scientific findings.

Doctors locked out of hospital in Houston, Texas over rent dispute, forced to treat patients in parking lot

By Chase Lawrence, 21 January 2021

The sudden closure Monday of the Heights Hospital follows 21 hospital closures in 2020 across the United States, many of which were thrust into acute financial crisis by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Record UK COVID-19 deaths as government plots ending “the last” lockdown

By Robert Stevens, 20 January 2021

This is being justified by citing a vaccination programme with only four million people having received the first dose of a required two doses. The population of the UK is over 66 million.

Hawaii nurses demand safe working conditions and PPE

By Evelyn Rios, 19 January 2021

The struggle of Hawaii nurses has reached a critical juncture. They should reject the attempts to sabotage their actions and begin organizing independently of the trade unions.

The global COVID vaccination distribution debacle is mirrored in the US

By Benjamin Mateus, 19 January 2021

The global vaccination distribution has been characterized as a “catastrophic moral failure” by the WHO’s director-general. Despite the US predominance in access to these life-saving vaccines, its national vaccine initiative has been a dismal disaster.

Spanish hospitals on brink of collapse as COVID-19 cases explode

By Alice Summers, 18 January 2021

As COVID-19 infections reach new highs, medical professionals in Spain warn that hospitals will soon be overwhelmed by admissions to intensive care units.

Three million in Los Angeles County have been infected with COVID-19 as workplace outbreaks reach all-time high

By Kevin Martinez, 16 January 2021

The virus is so widespread, according to the Los Angeles Times, that the infection rate has likely been slowed down by the large numbers of people who have already contracted it and developed a temporary immunity.

Tens of thousands of UK National Health Service workers fall ill with COVID-19

By Rory Woods, 16 January 2021

Nearly 50,000 health care workers have contracted the virus and thousands more are isolating or shielding.

Inside the COVID-19 outbreak at Lakepointe nursing home in Clinton Township, Michigan

By Zac Corrigan, 16 January 2021

At least three Lakepointe residents have died from COVID-19 since Christmas, and workers say that residents who catch COVID are no longer able to be removed from the home, which has resulted in a growing outbreak that they can’t contain.

Irish health system on brink of collapse as COVID-19 figures surge

By Dermot Quinn, 14 January 2021

Ireland's health services are being rapidly overwhelmed by escalating rates of coronavirus infection.

California health care worker explains how COVID-19 catastrophe has been fueled by the drive for profit

14 January 2021

The WSWS encourages health care workers to speak out on the disastrous conditions which are now overwhelming hospitals due the reopening and “herd immunity” policies pursued by the ruling class in countries around the world.

London Mayor declares “major incident” as UK capital devastated by COVID-19

By Thomas Scripps, 13 January 2021

The Office for National Statistics estimates that one in 30 people are infected with the virus in London, up to one in 20 in the worst-hit areas.

California hospitals ration oxygen as COVID-19 death toll surpasses 30,000

By Peter Ross, 13 January 2021

More than one in ten of the total number of COVID-19 deaths in California since the beginning of the pandemic took place in just the last week, at a rate of almost 500 per day.

Global COVID-19 death toll nears 2 million

By Benjamin Mateus, 13 January 2021

It has been one year since the first person died from complications caused by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Before it begins, COVID-19 vaccination in Turkey already a fiasco

By Barış Demir, 13 January 2021

The Turkish government’s murderous ruling class “herd immunity” policy continues with a chaotic and incompetent roll-out of the vaccine.

German hospital group terminates nurse after criticism of situation in ICUs

By Markus Salzmann, 13 January 2021

As new infections reach record levels in Germany, the number of people requiring hospitalization for COVID-19 is growing.

Nurses speak on conditions in Arizona hospitals where COVID-cases reach national highs

By Katy Kinner, 12 January 2021

Arizona COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise to national highs as testing and vaccine administration continue to be inadequate.

Netanyahu government denies vaccine to Palestinians as it lauds mass rollout to Israelis

By Jean Shaoul, 11 January 2021

Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination program does not include the five million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, which Israel has illegally occupied since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Nearly 30,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 in the past 10 days

By Bryan Dyne, 11 January 2021

At the current rate, more than a quarter million people will die across the globe before the end of January, including more than 60,000 in the US alone.

Canada’s health care system overwhelmed by COVID-19 surge

By Frédéric Charlebois, 11 January 2021

“We’ve lost control of the epidemic,” exclaimed Dr. Antoine Delage, a pulmonologist at a hospital south of Montreal.

The United States sees more than 4,000 deaths in a single day from COVID-19

By Benjamin Mateus, 9 January 2021

The United States saw more than 4,000 deaths yesterday from COVID-19 infections. The vaccine rollout continues to be a fiasco, while new coronavirus variants are demonstrating more aggressive behaviors.

Record numbers of COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations across the US as pandemic surge continues

By Kevin Martinez, 8 January 2021

The situation in southern California remains especially dire, with Los Angeles County emerging as a global epicenter of the virus.

Ontario care worker denounces political establishment over disastrous conditions in care homes

8 January 2021

Five workers at Canada’s long-term–care facilities have died from COVID-19 within little more than a week.

New year begins with record COVID-19 deaths in Germany

By Martin Nowak, 7 January 2021

The beginning of the year in Germany was characterised by overcrowded crematoria, hospitals on the brink of collapse and mass death.

Five Canadian health care workers die within a week as COVID-19 infections rise sharply nationwide

By Carl Bronski, 7 January 2021

Canada’s health and senior’s care systems are buckling under a second wave of the pandemic for which the entire political establishment is responsible.

As the pandemic death toll mounts, governments delay administration of second vaccine dose

By Benjamin Mateus, 7 January 2021

With the death toll from COVID-19 projected to accelerate over the next several weeks, some governments are attempting to compensate for problems in the production and distribution of vaccines by delaying the second dose, despite a lack of data proving the efficacy of a prolonged dose regimen.

Los Angeles limits ambulance services as COVID-19 infections skyrocket in California and nationwide

By Bryan Dyne, 6 January 2021

The unfolding nightmare in the city of 4 million people is the direct result of the ongoing drive to reopen schools and non-essential businesses.

Quebec nurses need independent organizations of rank-and-file workers’ power, not another pro-capitalist trade union

By Laurent Lafrance and Richard Dufour, 6 January 2021

Outraged by their union’s latest sellout agreement, some nurses have voiced support for building a new, more “militant” union.

UK in third national lockdown as coronavirus surges out of control

By Robert Stevens, 5 January 2021

The lockdown is not as stringent as that imposed last March, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisting that people should go to work if they cannot work at home to keep profits rolling in for the major corporations.

Mounting mental health crisis among US health care workers

By Alex Johnson, 5 January 2021

With coronavirus infections and deaths rising to astronomical heights, frontline health care workers are experiencing acute mental and emotional distress.

Tennessee confronted with surge in coronavirus cases

By Cordell Gascoigne, 5 January 2021

Nearly one percent of the state’s 6.8 million people have contracted the disease, making Tennessee the fourth highest infection percentage in the country.

“For corporations they are only numbers”

Two GM Silao workers in Mexico die on Christmas Eve

By Andrea Lobo, 5 January 2021

Workers have reported 13 deaths at the GM Silao Complex in Mexico to the WSWS since the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador allowed production to resume in May

COVID-19 cases rise sharply in China

By Lily Zhao, 5 January 2021

An examination of the chain of infections in three major Chinese cities further underscores the highly contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19: Global vaccination stymied by nationalism and profit gouging

By Jean Shaoul, 4 January 2021

The race to procure vaccines against a fast-spreading virus that travels unimpeded by border controls has set in motion a ferocious national competition that threatens to prolong and intensify the pandemic.

Over 2,900 US health care workers have died from COVID-19

By Benjamin Mateus, 4 January 2021

A new report by the Guardian and Kaiser Health News published last week estimates that over 2,900 health care workers have died in the United States due to COVID-19.

“Our patients are dying like flies, it’s like a warzone”

Nurses call for help as California hospitals pushed to the brink

By Evelyn Rios, 31 December 2020

Every day deaths continue to break one-day records, with 440 deaths on Tuesday, more than half of which are from Los Angeles County.

As scientific council warns of “uncontrolled resurgence of epidemic”

Macron government rejects national lock-down in France

By Samuel Tissot, 31 December 2020

Ignoring the recommendations of scientists, the government has determined to reopen schools and workplaces in the New Year

Coronavirus deaths reach record high in Germany as hospitals teeter on brink of collapse

By Marianne Arens, 31 December 2020

Nurses in Hamburg went public to speak about working conditions shortly before Christmas.

State sees deadliest month of pandemic as cases continue to spike

North Carolina ICU nurse: “There is a general expectation that though things have been bad so far, the worst is still on the horizon”

By James Langley, 30 December 2020

Compounding the health crisis, millions of North Carolinians are out of work and cannot afford basic necessities, while the wealth of North Carolina’s billionaires has soared to new heights.

Hands off COVID-19 whistleblower Rebekah Jones!

By Health Workers Action Committee of Sri Lanka, 30 December 2020

Sri Lankan health workers denounce the persecution of data scientist Rebekah Jones and hail her determination to protect lives by exposing the real extent of the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

Catastrophe worsens as UK records nearly 100,000 new COVID-19 cases in 48 hours

By Robert Stevens, 30 December 2020

Hospitals are being overwhelmed with a number having to declare emergencies. Moreover, the surge in infections threatens to overwhelm a vaccine rollout taking place at a snail’s pace.

California hospitals overwhelmed as COVID-19 cases hit 2 million

By Kevin Martinez, 30 December 2020

The state is now the epicenter of the pandemic in the US, with zero percent ICU capacity at many of its regions’ hospitals.

AMLO government falsified COVID-19 data to avoid shutdowns in Mexico City

By Andrea Lobo, 30 December 2020

With hospitals in the Mexican capital expected to collapse in January, the López Obrador administration is determined to keep the economy open and safeguard profits.

COVID-19 cases skyrocket in South Korea and Japan

By Ben McGrath, 29 December 2020

As in countries around the world, the inadequate responses of Tokyo and Seoul to the pandemic have been driven by concerns for big business.

A deadly Christmas in Germany

By Johannes Stern, 29 December 2020

The crocodile tears shed by Steinmeier in his Christmas address cannot disguise the fact the ruling class is responsible for the greatest mass deaths since the end of World War II.

Coronavirus accelerates as new strain detected across Europe

By Will Morrow, 29 December 2020

The spread of the new strain of the virus intersects with the European governments’ criminal refusal of measures to stop the pandemic that would cut corporate profits.

One year into the pandemic, 65,000 deaths in the US in one month

By Andre Damon, 29 December 2020

One year after the first cases of COVID-19 were identified in China, December was the deadliest month of the pandemic both in the United States and the world.

ICUs begin filling up in New York City as Cuomo, de Blasio dither on effective pandemic restrictions

By Josh Varlin, 24 December 2020

Some hospitals are over capacity in their ICUs, presaging a significant increase in deaths in the coming days and weeks.

Reject the SEIU sellout: Mobilize the working class to defend HCA nurses in southern California!

By Evelyn Rios, 24 December 2020

With the pandemic spreading out of control and California hospitals strained beyond capacity by the flood of nearly 20,000 COVID-19 patients, including at least 3,500 in ICUs, nurses in Southern California have taken a stand to demand safe staffing levels and protections that are critical to save the lives of health care workers and patients alike.

A coronavirus Christmas

COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths worldwide reach record highs

By Bryan Dyne, 24 December 2020

“The next 100,000 deaths are baked in,” said Biden coronavirus advisory board member Dr. Atul Gawande to CNBC.

Britain descends into chaos as coronavirus crisis mounts

By Robert Stevens, 24 December 2020

On Tuesday, 691 more people were announced dead from the virus. Yesterday this was topped with 744 deaths reported, the highest total since April 29.

Germany: Coronavirus outbreaks turn Berlin elderly care homes into death traps

By Katerina Selin, 24 December 2020

In the German capital, which is governed by the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party, care homes are turned into death traps for the elderly and staff.

Deadliest week in Germany since COVID-19 pandemic began

By Gregor Link, 24 December 2020

Last week was by far the worst in the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, with officially 175,314 infections and over 4,300 deaths (against 3,050 the previous week). Across Europe, the death toll exceeded the catastrophic half-million mark on Tuesday.

No to forced work amid raging pandemic! All non-essential production must be shutdown with full compensation to workers!

By Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 24 December 2020

Factories, tea estates and government institutions are now dangerous hotbeds for COVID-19, a situation caused by the Rajapakse government’s defence of corporate profits.

Canada’s health care system buckling as governments reject measures to contain COVID-19

By Roger Jordan, 24 December 2020

In hospitals in Canada’s six biggest provinces, there are, or will soon be, more COVID-19 patients needing intensive care than available ICU-beds.

The new UK variant of coronavirus raises urgent questions about pandemic policy

By Benjamin Mateus, 23 December 2020

The new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK highlights the importance of bringing the pandemic under strict control.

UK: Poole Hospital and Royal Bournemouth Hospital staff respond to frontline nurse’s exposure of dangerous working conditions

By Ben Trent and Rory Woods, 23 December 2020

Posted on the NHS FightBack Facebook group page, the letter was read by hundreds of people and widely shared. It was also shared to various NHS based campaign groups across Facebook.

Dire warning from CDC on US life expectancy: “A drop of two to three years for 2020 isn’t out of the question”

By Kate Randall, 23 December 2020

The US has not seen a decline in life expectancy of this magnitude since 1943, when World War II pushed the metric down by 2.9 years. The year 2020 is on track to be the deadliest year in US history, with deaths topping three million for the first time.

Cook County public sector workers carry out one-day strike for hazard pay and safer working conditions

By Alexander Fangmann, 23 December 2020

One of the top demands is hazard pay for all essential frontline workers, as well as an additional $5 per hour for workers directly tasked with caring for COVID-19 patients or working in COVID-19 units.

Mobilize the working class to defend HCA nurses!

For a general strike to halt nonessential production and alleviate strain on the health care system

By Evelyn Rios, 23 December 2020

With ICUs at zero percent and 100,000 additional hospitalizations expected in January, immediate action must be taken by the working class to save lives.

Southern California nurses should reject SEIU’s effort to sabotage struggle for safe conditions

By Evelyn Rios, 22 December 2020

Nurses are already expressing fear that the contract will do nothing to improve the dire conditions at three Southern California hospitals in the immediate or near future.

As pandemic surges, California hospitals move to ration care

By Brian Dixon, 22 December 2020

With health care systems being overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases and intensive care units filled to capacity, hospitals are starting to ration care, withholding it from those deemed unlikely to survive the disease.

CDC reports a record 81,000 drug overdose deaths in the US in a 12-month period

By Alex Findijs, 22 December 2020

Drug overdoses have been rising for decades, but data collected by the CDC shows that overdose deaths accelerated significantly in the first months of the pandemic.

Britain’s dangerous new COVID-19 strain: A warning to take urgent action now!

By Robert Stevens, 21 December 2020

With hospitals already overwhelmed throughout the world, scientists are sounding the alarm about a new, more transmissible variant of COVID-19 that has emerged in Britain and is leading to a major surge in infections.

The COVID vaccine rollout: A demonstration of capitalist incompetence

By Benjamin Mateus, 21 December 2020

Last week has seen the life-saving Pfizer vaccine rollout accompanied by a massive publicity campaign. However, immediately, issues on allotments and distribution have met with mass confusion.

After lawsuit revealed they took bets on spread of coronavirus in Iowa plant

Whitewash investigation ends with Tyson Foods firing seven managers

By Cordell Gascoigne and Tom Hall, 19 December 2020

As the World Socialist Web Site predicted, the investigation by Holder, who made his bones as a Wall Street attorney before joining the Obama administration, is a complete whitewash, using the demented actions of the local plant supervisors to scapegoat them and shield Tyson’s top leadership from responsibility.

More than 30,000 daily infections in Germany and war-like conditions in hospitals

By Gregor Link, 19 December 2020

Conditions at German hospitals resemble those in a war. One doctor told the press that several times in the past few days “we had to decide who gets oxygen and who doesn’t.”

Southern California hospital ICUs reach zero percent capacity as COVID-19 rips through state

By Kevin Martinez, 19 December 2020

The needless suffering and death unfolding in the fifth largest economy in the world are the deliberate outcome of the ruling class’s policy of “herd immunity.”

Quebec unions plotting with government to impose concessions on health care workers

By Richard Dufour and Laurent Lafrance, 18 December 2020

The union that represents most Quebec nurses recently signed an agreement with the government little different from one that union delegates rejected two weeks earlier out of fear of a rank-and-file rebellion.

New York City EMS worker receives massive support against right-wing smear by New York Post

By Clara Weiss, 18 December 2020

The Post piece prompted a big backlash on social media, and the paramedic’s remarkable rebuttal quickly went viral.

“I feel like I’m living through the apocalypse”

Nurses speak on burnout and PTSD as COVID-19 hospitalizations in US reach new highs

By Katy Kinner, 17 December 2020

The voices of nurses and other health care workers paint a vivid picture of the consequences of the bipartisan policy of “herd immunity” as they experience firsthand the breakdown of the health care system in the current surge.

Xavier Becerra: Biden makes phony “left” gesture with Health and Human Services cabinet pick

By Dan Conway, 17 December 2020

The California Attorney General and former congressman has been selected to lead the federal department that will play an enormous role in the COVID-19 pandemic.

German government increases military spending, cuts education and health care

By Johannes Stern, 17 December 2020

The entire budget debate underscored that the ruling class sees the pandemic primarily as an opportunity to advance its policies of militarism, repression and social austerity.

Sri Lanka: Lively discussion at Health Workers Action Committee online meeting

By Our correspondents, 17 December 2020

The meeting discussed the need for an independent initiative of workers to defend the health service, in unity with the international working class.

Almost 1,000 daily COVID-19 deaths in Germany: The criminal outcome of keeping businesses and schools open

By Christoph Vandreier, 17 December 2020

Despite the horrific number of deaths, all parties in the German parliament continue to put profit before lives and health.

California officials order 5,000 body bags as state’s intensive care units near full capacity

By Peter Ross, 17 December 2020

On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that state officials had ordered thousands of additional body bags and 63 refrigerated trailers to store the dead, as coronavirus infections explode throughout the state.

Scottish government and unions refuse to extend holiday break despite teachers' demands

By Steve James, 16 December 2020

The Scottish government and the Educational Institute for Scotland are working to ensure schools stay open as long as possible before the Christmas holiday to ensure maximum profits.

As pandemic rages

Johnson government forces London schools to remain open

By Thomas Scripps, 16 December 2020

The dangers posed by keeping schools open worsen daily. London has been leading a renewed national surge of infections since the partial November national lockdown was ended.

Build independent rank-and-file safety committees!

Southern California nurses to strike for health and safety of patients and workers

By Kevin Martinez and Evelyn Rios, 16 December 2020

Citing short staffing levels and unsafe conditions, nurses with SEIU Local 121RN authorized a strike by 92 percent at three Southern California hospitals.

Mississippi hospitals overwhelmed by surge in COVID-19 cases

By Benjamin Mateus, 16 December 2020

Since early November, the pandemic has been surging again throughout the state, as cases began rising in a natural response to school openings that practically threw the door wide open for the virus.

British Columbia’s NDP government presiding over mass COVID-19 infections in schools

By Penny Smith, 16 December 2020

Even as infections surge in schools throughout BC’s lower mainland, the province’s NDP government and its unions allies are determined to keep kids crammed into unsafe classrooms.

For emergency action to save lives! Close schools and shut down nonessential production! Full compensation for workers!

By Statement of the Socialist Equality Party, 16 December 2020

Every day that emergency action is not taken to stop the pandemic means thousands of more deaths.

Germany’s “hard lockdown” protects corporations at expense of lives

By Gregor Link, 16 December 2020

Large factories can remain open without exception even if they produce nonessential goods; parents who do not get time off from work will still be able to send their children to school.

France ends coronavirus lockdown, as thousands of cases reported each day

By Will Morrow, 16 December 2020

The government is ending the limited lockdowns announced in late October despite admitting that its own extremely high threshold of less than 5,000 daily cases is not close to being met.

New data expose catastrophe of Turkey’s “herd immunity” policy

By Barış Demir, 15 December 2020

One of the world’s biggest cover-ups of the pandemic is taking place in Turkey as part of a global, criminal “herd immunity” policy in the interests of the ruling class.

Chilean health unions suspend indefinite strike, provoking anger among workers

By Mauricio Saavedra, 15 December 2020

The number of health professionals testing positive for COVID-19 has surpassed 37,500, and 72 workers have died due to the lack of resources and protective attire.

London becomes epicentre of pandemic in the UK

By Robert Stevens, 15 December 2020

Every one of London’s 32 boroughs is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases

Inside the COVID-19 outbreak at the Carriage House nursing home in Bay City, Michigan

By Zac Corrigan, 12 December 2020

Workers describe the conditions which have led to over half of the nursing home’s 61 residents now testing positive for COVID, and at least three deaths since November 23.

Frontline nurse at UK’s Poole Hospital Trust speaks out about unsafe working conditions amid surge of COVID-19

By our reporter, 12 December 2020

“Many staff have contracted the virus in our hospital because we don’t have enough protection.”

Sweden sees ICU occupancy approach 99 percent in Stockholm

By Benjamin Mateus, 11 December 2020

The “herd immunity” model for dealing with the pandemic has led to a massive surge in infections, with the health system in the Swedish capital reaching capacity.

New study finds young adults vulnerable to developing debilitating long-term complications from COVID-19

By Dominic Gustavo, 9 December 2020

The symptoms reported most frequently by the young adults were impaired concentration, headaches, rhinitis, exercise intolerance, dyspnea, sleep impairment, brain fog, appetite loss, fatigue, and chest pain.

UK COVID-19 vaccination programme will not halt pandemic deaths due to end of lockdown

By Robert Stevens, 9 December 2020

Despite the immense significance for mankind of the availability of the drug—and promising developments with other vaccines coming on stream—its ability to save lives given its 90 to 95 percent effectivity rate against COVID-19, is being undermined by Britain’s ruling elite in their drive to keep the economy open and make profits.

Alberta’s UCP government plans field hospitals as it allows COVID-19 infections to soar

By Laurent Lafrance, 7 December 2020

The catastrophe now unfolding in Alberta is the direct result of Premier Kenney’s adamant refusal to heed doctors’ repeated calls for emergency lockdown measures.

SEIU Healthcare reaches tentative agreement with management in Illinois nursing home strike

By Alexander Fangmann, 7 December 2020

The union abandoned wage demands and any meaningful protections for workers in order to herd them back into facilities with active COVID-19 outbreaks.

COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the US

By Benjamin Mateus, 7 December 2020

COVID-19 is inundating hospitals across the US. The case fatality rate is already seeing an upturn, which means that hundreds of patients who will die in the next few weeks would have survived had they been infected just a month ago.