Trump rally roars approval for call to “shoot” immigrants

By Eric London, 10 May 2019

When an audience member at a Trump rally Wednesday yelled that the US should “shoot” immigrants, Trump laughed. Meanwhile, the government is arresting record numbers of families at the border.

Democrats line up behind Trump’s war on immigrants
NY Times demands: “Give Trump his border money”

Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly joins board of migrant detention firm

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US seizes North Korean ship

By Mike Head, 10 May 2019

This week’s developments demonstrate that the Trump administration has no intention of striking a deal with Pyongyang unless it involves a total capitulation and embrace of Washington’s offensive against China.

US tariff hike against China goes ahead

By Nick Beams, 10 May 2019

Trump said talks with Chinese representatives would proceed, but “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

China to hit back if new US tariff threat goes ahead

“They depend on us for their wealth and power”
Uber and Lyft drivers in Chicago, New York and California speak out against exploitation of gig economy workers

By our reporters, 10 May 2019

Drivers across the United States spoke out against the classification of Uber drivers as independent contractors as Uber heads into an Initial Public Offering worth billions of dollars.

“We need to fight capitalism and change the whole system”
Uber and Lyft drivers conduct international strike

GM workers denounce deals to “save” token jobs in Lordstown and Oshawa

By Shannon Jones, 10 May 2019

The moves, which will retain at most a few hundred jobs out of the thousands that are being permanently eliminated, are being denounced by workers.

“The UAW sold us down the river”
Fiat Chrysler uses robocall to announce more layoffs at Belvidere, Illinois, plant

As contract deadline approaches
Faurecia auto parts workers in Michigan speak out on sweatshop conditions

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Venezuela tensions mount after arrest of coup leader

By Bill Van Auken, 10 May 2019

Washington continues to threaten military intervention in the oil-rich South American country.

The social crisis and the global eruption of US imperialism

Pompeo lays down the law during UK visit

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Netanyahu agrees a ceasefire with Hamas—for now

By Jean Shaoul, 10 May 2019

The Israel Defense Forces launched more than 150 aerial strikes and shelled at least 200 sites in the tiny Palestinian enclave.

Israel pounds Gaza, stoking fears of invasion

Corporate murder: Trial opens of France Télécom executives over worker suicides

By Will Morrow, 10 May 2019

To shrink a workforce legally protected from sacking, executives adopted a covert policy of psychological torture designed to coerce workers to quit or commit suicide.

Macron government fabrication of “yellow vest” hospital attack in Paris collapses

French pseudo-left politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon calls for alliance with Socialist Party

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Germany’s far-right AfD exploits famous artwork to promote Islamophobia

By Sybille Fuchs, 10 May 2019

The use of the painting and its interpretation by the AfD is an amalgam of historical falsification, outright lies and racist agitation, which can quite rightly be compared with the techniques used by the Nazis.

The extreme right in the European elections

The German ruling class fears the spectre of socialism

A socialist perspective against the return of fascism in Europe

More on the fight against fascism »

“Unequal Germany”—new study examines regional differences

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 10 May 2019

A key finding of the comprehensive study is that social and economic inequality has consolidated despite economic growth and employment growth in recent years.

Acceding to Erdoğan’s demand
Turkish election authorities order re-vote in Istanbul

By Ulas Atesci and Keith Jones, 10 May 2019

If Erdoğan went to such lengths to overturn the Istanbul mayoral election results, it is because he fears any weakening of his control of the state apparatus under conditions of deepening economic and geopolitical crisis.

Cell phone video from Sandra Bland’s 2015 traffic stop made public

By Anthony Bertolt, 10 May 2019

The video renews attention to her death in police custody and raises questions over the way it has been withheld for nearly four years.

Changing poverty formula, Trump administration to make millions ineligible for social programs

By Alex González, 10 May 2019

The “chained CPI” plan is based on a previous attack on the poor and elderly proposed by the Obama administration.

Fiji authorities suppress May Day protests, arrest locked-out workers

By John Braddock, 10 May 2019

The sacking and persecution of the FWA workers and ban on the protests again underlines the dictatorial nature of the Fijian regime, which rests directly on the military.

New in German

Juso-Chef Kühnert und der Sozialismus

Peter Schwarz, 10. Mai 2019

Kühnert, ein skrupelloser Karrierist, kann es nur wagen, sich als Sozialist auszugeben, weil er auf die Unerfahrenheit und Unwissenheit der heutigen Generation setzt.

Justizausschuss des US-Repräsentantenhauses:
Verfahren gegen Trumps Justizminister William Barr wegen Missachtung des Kongresses

Patrick Martin, 10. Mai 2019

Der Konflikt zwischen dem Kongress und dem Weißen Haus zeigt den Zerfall des institutionellen Rahmens, in dem sich die kapitalistische Politik in Amerika seit mehr als zwei Jahrhunderten bewegt.

Die soziale Krise und der globale Ausbruch des US-Imperialismus

Bill Van Auken, 10. Mai 2019

Washingtons dreiste und rücksichtslose militärische Drohungen und Provokationen auf weltweiter Ebene werden von tiefgreifenden sozialen und politischen Krisen innerhalb der USA selbst angetrieben.

New in Portuguese

A “mentira na alma” imperialista
Políticos comemoram o “Dia Mundial da Liberdade de Imprensa” enquanto Julian Assange definha na prisão

Por David Walsh, 9 Maio 2019

Ninguém associado à UNESCO ou ao “Dia Mundial da Liberdade de Imprensa” mencionou a perseguição ao fundador do WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, durante os eventos desta semana.

New in Norwegian

Trump lufter forslag om kansellering av 2020-valget

Eric London, 9. mai 2019

Borgerlig politikk har degenerert i en slik grad at politiske og juridiske normer ansett som fundamentale siden Den amerikanske revolusjon nå utfordres av en presidents tweets.

Valget i India og det revolusjonære programmet for å opponere mot innstramminger, krig og kommunalistisk reaksjon

Keith Jones, 9. mai 2019

BJPs dreining mot militarisme og utilslørt kommunalistisk reaksjon blir fremfor alt animert av partiets frykt for en voksende sosial opposisjon.

«Vi må redde livet hans. Så alvorlig er det.»
Pamela Anderson og WikiLeaks’ sjefredaktør besøkte Julian Assange i fengsel

Laura Tiernan, 9. mai 2019

Anderson fordømte statsforfølgelsen av sin venn som et «lovbrudd på gang».

Valg i Sør-Afrika avholdt under voksende misnøye og en fremmedgjøring fra ANC

Eddie Haywood, 9. mai 2019

Dersom Den afrikanske nasjonalkongressen (ANC), som forventet, sikret seg flertall i onsdagens valg er dét bare vitnesbyrd om de vesentlige opposisjonspartienes politiske forvorpenhet.

Hilsener til kinesiske arbeidere og ungdommer på hundreårsdagen for 4. mai-bevegelsen

Peter Symonds, 9. mai 2019

Vi publiserer her den norske oversettelsen av transkripsjonen av talen Peter Symonds holdt for 2019 Online International May Day Rally.

New in Spanish

La crisis social y la estampida global del imperialismo estadounidense

Bill Van Auken, 10 mayo 2019

Las amenazas y provocaciones militares tan explícitas y descabelladas de Washington a una escala mundial están siendo impulsadas por las profundas crisis sociales y políticas dentro del propio Estados Unidos.

La extrema derecha en las elecciones europeas

Peter Schwarz, 10 mayo 2019

El crecimiento de la extrema derecha es el resultado del apoyo político, ideológico y organizativo sistemático proporcionado por los medios de comunicación, los partidos de la elite política y el Estado.

“Necesitamos luchar contra el capitalismo y cambiar todo el sistema”
Conductores de Uber y Lyft realizan huelga internacional

nuestros reporteros, 10 mayo 2019

Miles de conductores de Uber y Lyft en EU y varios otros países salieron en huelga el miércoles antes de la Oferta Pública Inicial (IPO) de Uber en la Bolsa de Nueva York el viernes.

El político francés pseudoizquierdista Jean-Luc Mélenchon pide una alianza con el Partido Socialista

Will Morrow, 10 mayo 2019

Mélenchon está recorriendo el mismo camino que siguieron sus colegas pseudoizquierdistas europeos, quienes respondieron al resurgimiento de la lucha de la clase obrera cerrando filas con el Estado.

La defensa de Assange y Manning es la punta de lanza de la lucha contra el imperialismo

Chris Marsden, 10 mayo 2019

Estamos publicando aquí el texto del discurso que pronunció Chris Marsden en el Mitin Internacional En Línea por el Primero de Mayo de 2019.

Las protestas de los "chalecos amarillos" en Francia y el resurgimiento global de la lucha de clases

Alex Lantier, 10 mayo 2019

Estamos publicando aquí el texto del discurso que pronunció AlexLantier en el Mitin Internacional En Línea por el Primero de Mayo de 2019.

Una perspectiva socialista contra el retorno del fascismo en Europa

Christoph Vandreier, 10 mayo 2019

Publicamos aquí el texto del discurso al Mitín En Línea Internacional del Primero de Mayo pronunciado por Cristoph Vandreier.

La persecución de Assange y Manning es un ataque a la clase obrera

Oscar Grenfell, 10 mayo 2019

Estamos publicando aquí el texto del discurso para el Mitin Internacional En Línea por el Primero de Mayo de 2019, pronunciado por Oscar Grenfell.

New in French

Saïd Bouteflika et les anciens chefs du renseignement arrêtés en Algérie

Anthony Torres, 9 mai 2019

Le haut commandement de l’armée tente de canaliser les luttes ouvrières en arrêtant les dirigeants les plus haïs des fractions de l’élite dirigeante qui rivalisent avec lui.

Trump propose d’annuler l’élection de 2020

Eric London, 9 mai 2019

La politique bourgeoise a dégénéré à tel point que les normes politiques et juridiques considérées comme fondamentales depuis la Révolution américaine sont remises en question par un tweet présidentiel.

«Il faut que nous sauvions sa vie. Voilà à quel point c'est sérieux.»
Pamela Anderson et le rédacteur en chef de WikiLeaks rendent visite à Julian Assange en prison

Laura Tiernan, 9 mai 2019

Anderson a condamné la persécution de son ami par l'État comme une « perversion du droit en train de fonctionner ».

L'extrême droite et l’élection européenne

Peter Schwarz, 9 mai 2019

La croissance de l'extrême droite est le résultat du soutien politique, idéologique et organisationnel systématique donné par les médias, les partis politiques et l’État.

Des élections sud-africaines dans un contexte de mécontentement social croissant et d'aliénation vis-à-vis de l'ANC

Eddie Haywood, 9 mai 2019

Si le Congrès national africain obtient comme prévu une majorité cela ne tient qu’à la déliquescence des partis politiques de l’opposition

Le gouvernement libéral du Canada est complice de la tentative de coup d'État parrainée par les États-Unis au Venezuela

Roger Jordan, 9 mai 2019

La semaine dernière le Canada a clamé son soutien au coup d’État manqué de Guaido et a augmenté ses efforts pour porter au pouvoir un régime d’extrême droite et pro-impérialiste à Caracas.

Rapport d'ouverture du Rassemblement international en ligne du 1er mai
La résurgence de la lutte des classes et la lutte pour le socialisme

David North, 9 mai 2019

Nous publions ici le texte du rapport d'ouverture présenté par David North au Rassemblement international en ligne du 1er mai 2019.

Trahir mes principes est «une prison bien pire que ce que le gouvernement peut construire».
Après deux mois de prison, Chelsea Manning lance un puissant appel pour sa libération

Niles Niemuth, 9 mai 2019

Manning a été arrêtée pour outrage au tribunal après avoir refusé de témoigner devant un grand jury chargé de porter des accusations frauduleuses contre Julian Assange, éditeur et journaliste de WikiLeaks.

New in Turkish

ABD İran’ı savaşla tehdit ediyor

Keith Jones, 8 Mayıs 2019

ABD Ulusal Güvenlik Danışmanı John Bolton, uçak gemisi U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln ile ABD Hava Kuvvetleri’ne ait bombardıman uçaklarının İran’ı tehdit etmek üzere konuşlandırıldığını duyurdu.

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Chelsea Manning released, faces new imprisonment for refusing to testify against Assange

10 May 2019

Even before she was released on Thursday, Manning was served with a new subpoena to demand testimony before a different grand jury. She could be returned to jail as early as next week.

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Public Meeting

Attend Socialist Equality Party (UK) public meeting in London
Free Julian Assange, Free Chelsea Manning!

The SEP (UK) is hosting a public meeting in London on May 12 to demand the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, held in Belmarsh prison, and the freedom of Chelsea Manning, who had been imprisoned for more than two months for refusing to testify against Assange.

International Online May Day Rally 2019

Opening report to Online International May Day Rally
The resurgence of class struggle and the fight for socialism

By David North, 6 May 2019

Imperialist war, the working-class upsurge in the Mideast and North Africa, and the strategy of Permanent Revolution

By Keith Jones, 10 May 2019

We are publishing here the text of the speech to the 2019 International May Day Online Rally delivered by Keith Jones.

The defense of Venezuela and the struggle for socialism in Latin America

By Bill Van Auken, 10 May 2019

We are publishing here the text of the speech to the 2019 International May Day Online Rally delivered by Bill Van Auken.

France’s “yellow vest” protests and the global resurgence of the class struggle

The defence of Assange and Manning is the spearhead of the struggle against imperialism

The Christchurch terror attack and the promotion of fascism by the ruling elite

The persecution of Assange and Manning is an attack on the working class

Greetings to Chinese workers and youth on the centenary of the May 4 movement

May Day 2019: The resurgence of the class struggle and the fight for socialism

On May 4, the International Committee of the Fourth International held its annual International May Day Online Rally, with speakers and participants from throughout the world. Readers can listen to the entire rally here.

Featured Commentary

The New York Times and its Uyghur “activist”

By Peter Symonds, 9 May 2019

The promotion of Rushan Abbas by the New York Times is a classic example of its role in pushing the bogus “human rights” issues used by US imperialism to prosecute its interests.

SEP (Australia) Election Campaign

The Australian election and the fraud of the NDIS

Max Boddy: SEP candidate for Hunter, 10 May 2019

The National Disability Insurance Scheme was always designed to privatise the disability sector, push people off welfare payments and slash public spending.

Greens offer bogus climate pledges while pleading for another partnership with Labor

Mike Head: SEP candidate for Oxley, 9 May 2019

Former Australian PM denounces anti-China witch-hunt of intelligence agencies

Oscar Grenfell: SEP candidate for Parramatta, 8 May 2019

SEP candidates address election meetings in Australia to defend Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

By our reporters, 8 May 2019

Workers and youth defend Assange and democratic rights at SEP (Australia) meetings

By our reporters, 8 May 2019

SEP election meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane
Vote Socialist Equality Party! No to War and Austerity! For Socialism and Internationalism!

7 May 2019

Arts Review

Wild Nights with Emily: American poet Emily Dickinson undone by gender politics

By Joanne Laurier and David Walsh, 10 May 2019

By concentrating almost exclusively on Emily Dickinson’s supposed sexual relationship with her sister-in-law, filmmaker Madeleine Olnek and her collaborators recreate the poet in their own petty, self-absorbed image.

Clergy: An uncompromising film about the hypocrisy and corruption of the Catholic Church in Poland

By Stefan Steinberg, 8 May 2019

Red Joan: A British spy story skirts some issues

Documentary about the brutal 2014 disappearance of teachers’ college students
The 43: A state massacre and cover-up in Mexico

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE in US holds successful meetings on postmodernism and identity politics

By our reporters, 10 May 2019

The meetings reviewed the right-wing, subjective idealist roots of the pseudo-left philosophies and politics that dominate college campuses.

”Dictatorships as alternative political orders?”—We say no!
Student Parliament at Humboldt University condemns Jörg Baberowski’s right-wing think tank


House committee votes contempt charge against Trump’s attorney general William Barr

By Patrick Martin, 9 May 2019

Trump floats proposal to cancel 2020 elections

Trump issues full pardon to former lieutenant who executed prisoner in Iraq

More on the Trump presidency »

India’s election and the revolutionary program to oppose austerity, war and communal reaction

By Keith Jones, 8 May 2019

Financial parasitism and the stock market surge

By Nick Beams, 9 May 2019

More on world economy »

Removal of white educator from African American history class in Michigan sparks widespread outrage

By Phyllis Steele and Nancy Hanover, 9 May 2019

South African elections held amid rising social discontent and alienation from ANC

By Eddie Haywood, 8 May 2019

Anti-Muslim witch-hunt after terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka

By our correspondents, 8 May 2019

Boeing continues to whitewash 737 crashes

By Bryan Dyne, 8 May 2019

Why aren’t Boeing executives being prosecuted for the 737 Max 8 crashes?

Free Assange and Manning

Video: Workers at SEP rally in Parramatta denounce persecution of Julian Assange

By our reporters, 9 May 2019

ICFI supporters in India to hold picket to free Assange

9 May 2019

“We need to save his life. That’s how serious it is”
Pamela Anderson and WikiLeaks editor-in-chief visit Julian Assange in prison

By Laura Tiernan, 8 May 2019

The sentencing of Julian Assange: A legal travesty

Betraying my principles is “a much worse prison than the government can construct”
After nearly two months in jail, Chelsea Manning submits powerful appeal for release

Video: At Sydney rally Assange’s father demands Australian government secure son’s release

7 May 2019

Two days after Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in jail, protesters rallied in Sydney’s Martin Place.

The imperialist “lie in the soul”
Politicians celebrate “World Press Freedom Day” as Julian Assange languishes in prison

By David Walsh, 4 May 2019

More on the campaign to Free Assange and Manning »

European elections

“Join the fight for a united socialist Europe!”
Socialist Equality Party (SGP) publishes campaign video for European Elections

By the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, 29 April 2019

The European elections and the revival of class struggle

Workers Struggles

South African municipal strikers defy unions; strike continues by South African workers at Cell C phones
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

10 May 2019

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

“I am ready to stay out and not going back in until we get everything we need”
More than 20,000 participate in Oregon walkouts for public education

By Kayla Costa, 9 May 2019

Two thousand nurses and support staff strike at Toledo, Ohio hospital

More on the class struggle in the US »


One hundred years since the May 4 movement in China

By Peter Symonds, 4 May 2019

One hundred years since the May 4 movement in China—Part Two

New York Times column falsifies legacy of Eugene Debs

By Tom Mackaman, 30 April 2019

25 years ago: Channel Tunnel opens, connecting Britain and France

On May 6, 1994, the Channel Tunnel officially opened, connecting for the first time the United Kingdom with the European mainland from Kent, England, to Pas-de-Calais, France.

More »

50 years ago: Battle of Hamburger Hill

On May 10 US forces in Vietnam began a 10-day assault on Hill 937, which was heavily defended by the North Vietnam’s People’s Army of Vietnam.

More »

75 years ago: Soviet offensive clears Axis forces from Crimea

During this week in 1944, Soviet military forces completed the destruction of the Axis bastion in Crimea, capturing the key port city of Sevastopol on May 12, 1944.

More »

100 years ago: Race riots and martial law in Charleston, South Carolina

On May 10, 1919, hundreds of white sailors serving in the US Navy rioted in the port of Charleston, South Carolina, attacking African-Americans and destroying property.

More »

The Fight Against Fascism

“If you agree with our analysis, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do.”
David North speaks on the threat of fascism

By David North, 20 April 2019

Princeton University provides $300,000 in funding for right-wing historian and propagandist Jörg Baberowski

By David North, 10 April 2019

More on the fight against fascism »

Lessons of the Matamoros workers' rebellion

New trade union bureaucracies or rank-and-file workers’ power?
Lessons of the Matamoros workers’ rebellion: Part one

By Andrea Lobo, 25 March 2019

The ongoing strike wave on the US-Mexico border provides critical lessons for the incipient movement of the working class on an international scale.

International Committee of the Fourth International

Indian Trotskyists hold Kolkata public meeting to celebrate 80th anniversary of the Fourth International

By our correspondents, 13 March 2019

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the SEP (Sri Lanka)
Victory of the Trotskyists in the 1985–1986 split in the ICFI

By Saman Gunadasa and K. Ratnayake, 29 December 2018

Eighty Years of the Fourth International: The Lessons of History and the Struggle for Socialism Today

By David North, 9 October 2018

On the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International

Security and the Fourth International

New book now available
Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement

By Mehring Books, 21 January 2019

The WSWS announces the release of a new book, Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement, by Eric London.

The origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation

By Eric London, 14 November 2018